Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

Yard Valet is primarily a lawn care company. We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn service (cut grass, trim, and edge as needed). 

Landscape Maintenance

We don't stop at the grass line! Yard Valet offers landscape maintenance including, hedge trimming, tree trimming, mulch installation, and more.

Seasonal Cleanups

Keeping your yard and your home beautiful year round is our claim to fame! We offer clean ups for every season, fall leaf removal, snow removal, and spring clean ups.

Power Washing

After the rainy spring, nothing makes your home look nicer than a good power wash on the exterior of your home. Ask us about scheduling a power washing. 

Don't see something?

If you don't see a service you want listed on our website, feel free to reach out to us and let us know. We are willing and able to provide other services as needed. Window and gutter cleaning services for example. 

Easy Payments

Yard Valet want's to make it easy on you to pay for your yard services. We accept easy online payments, checks, and even subscription pricing for recurring services. Just let us know how you'd like to pay. 

About Us

Giving you time, for things that matter

We are a family business, so we know the importance of time. Our goal at Yard Valet is to give you time for what matters to you. Time is something that you can't get more of...until you found Yard Valet. Contact us today for Lawn Care and other services in the Fredericksburg area.

A personal valet service

 We founded this company around the model of a true valet service for your home. We focus on Lawn Service but we do much more than that, including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, leaf removal, snow removal, and much more.  

Unbeatable Customer Service

Yard Valet aims to treat each and every customer like royalty, deserving the best service no matter what. Having Yard Valet at your home should bring pleasure to you on all occasions. Like having your very own butler, just for the exterior of your home.